Review By: jgspr - State: Washington

Vendor: IDViking


I purchased two ID's from IDViking, i needed the ID's within two weeks 2.5 weeks before a music festival and they were able to send them out right on time.

Communication: 5/10

From the start IDViking provided exceptional customer service, before purchasing the ID's i emailed him a couple of times to see if the photos i took were ok and he responded within a hour or so he was also able to provide us with expedite shipping for and additional $20. Since then i have used my ID at bars, stores, dispensaries etc. It scans and passes black light

Cost: 10/10

Reasonable price it does include a copy and is high quality

Shipping: 10/10

1 of them got here within 2.5 weeks the other took 3 weeks i paid extra for expedite shipping my friends who purchased from another vendor did say his ID took him 6 weeks to come in so i cant complain.

signature: 6/10

They did put my signature backwards but looks identical


template: 10/10

Details are on point! I did my research once it came in to check how to spot a fake Washington and it has all the small details that the real ones have

photoshop: 6/10

Shadows are realistic although too much of my body/shoulders are showing, my friends did come out a lot more better simply because too much of his shoulders aren't showing

holograms/OVI: 7/10

At bars they always flash a light at it and they always look at twice looking for a hologram but it always seem to pass

uv: 10/10

Since then i have used my ID at bars, stores, dispensaries etc. it was once flashed with a black light and little holograms poped out they really pay attention to the details

scanning: 6/10

They scan it all the time at the liquor stores it passes all the time

conclusion: 9/10

Overall i recommend this ID to all of my friends, the price is reasonable and you can tell that these guys put effort into providing a high quality fake