Review By: capitaomain - State: Alabama

Vendor: IDViking


Was a large group order got the following states: Washington Louisiana New Mexico New Jersey Rhode Island Missouri Pennsylvania Ohio Ontario

Communication: 10/10

would always respond within a couple hours

Cost: 10/10

The group rate was fare at 50$

Shipping: 9/10

took just over 2 weeks and came in multiple packages

signature: 10/10

came out exactly as submitted looks perfectly aligned


template: 10/10

exact to real one compared it to my friends legit one exact. micro print was perfect

photoshop: 10/10

same quality as on my real id

holograms/OVI: 10/10

holos are exact, pass the bend test, and the lasers prefs are great

uv: 10/10

check under a black light it is exact

scanning: 10/10

mag strips work perfect scans on BCS, at gas stations, liquor stores, even the casino

conclusion: 10/10

The work everywhere used mine at a casino