Review By: julietsarah7 - State: Alabama

Vendor: 21done


I highly recommend. Response time is so quick and costumer service is incredible. I did a big order and it came so quickly (probably one week). I had a slight "issue" with two of the ID's and they insisted on sending me new ones while letting me keep the originals. These scan, have clean perforations, and good holograms!!!

Communication: 10/10

speedy and nothing changed after I paid (still speedy)

Cost: 10/10

the bigger the order the lower the price for two !

Shipping: 10/10

so fast came within a week

signature: 10/10

looks great! not too thick


template: 10/10

all the details are there

photoshop: 1/10

very realistic, shadows there, clean

holograms/OVI: 10/10

very good, very authentic

uv: 10/10

came up great under a few different lights I tried on it

scanning: 10/10

scans every time for anything

conclusion: 10/10

Amazing! recommend for anyone