Material Vendors List


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Vendor Products Eta Prices Payment Methods
[email protected] Holos, OVI Sheets 1-3 Weeks $1+ BTC
[email protected] Perf Sheets 1-3 Weeks $1+ BTC
FakeIDSupplies Holos, OVI, Cardstock 1-3 Weeks $90+ BTC
New Holos Holograms 1-3 Weeks $1+ BTC
OVIFactory OVI Sheets,Perf Sheets 1 Week $10+ BTC,ETH,BCH,XMR,LTC, Amazon Gift Cards
Budget Fakes Holograms, OVI Sheets, Perf Sheets, Cardstock 1-3 Weeks $1+ BTC
0xb4b4 (Transgen) Transgen 1 Week $30+ BTC