Verified Vendor List


As a moderation team, we cannot take any liability as a group or as individuals in the unlikely event that you get scammed. You are solely responsible for all decisions you make when it comes to purchasing. The verified vendors list (VVL) is a tool used to suggest various vendors who have proven their capability to produce ID's. There is no such thing as perfect security and any vendors is capable of exiting at any time.

It is strongly recommended that consumers do additional research prior to making a purchase.

By reading any further, you agree to the above disclaimer. Good luck, and make sure you do research!

  • Bolded vendors are considered exemplary, producing quality IDs for 12+ months without any major delays.
  • Bolded vendors must have at least one state considered "in-state passable".
  • Bolded states denote IDs that are capable of passing "in-state".
  • Crossed-out vendors aren't currently accepting orders (announced publicly), but will re-open within 30 days.
  • Vendors with a † ship from a foreign country (not from the USA). Note: This means they must go through US Customs which has been known for slow processing causing more variation in delivery time than average.


Vendor Products Eta Prices Payment Methods Marks
IDGod AK, AL, AR, AZ, CT, CT (OLD), DE, FL, FL (OLD), GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IL (OLD), IN, KS (OLD), KY, LA, MD (OLD), ME, MO, MS (OLD) , NE, NH NH (OLD), NM, NJ, NY, OH, OH (OLD), OK, OR PA, PA (OLD), RI, RI (OLD), SC, TN, UT, UK, VA, VT, WA, WI, WI (OLD), WV (OLD), WY 3 weeks $100+ BTC, BCH, LTC, ZEC, NMC, PPC, WU
KingForge FL (OLD), IL (OLD), NC (OLD), NC (U21) (OLD) 2 weeks $100+ BTC
New-IDs CT (OLD), DE, FL (OLD), IL (OLD), IN, KY, LA, MA (OLD), MD (OLD), ME, NC (OLD), NJ, ND, OH, PA (OLD), RI (OLD), SC, TN, UT (OLD), WA (OLD), WY 3 weeks $125+ BTC,WU,MG,Cash
idmasters AK, AR, DE, FL (OLD), FL (OLD) (U21), IL, IL (OLD), IL (OLD) (U21), KY, MD (OLD), MS (OLD), NH (OLD), NJ, NJ (U21), PA (OLD), PA (OLD) (U21), RI (OLD), SC, SC (U21), TN (OLD), TN (OLD) (U21), WY 3 weeks $65+ BTC, LTC, CASH, WU
FakeYourDrank CT (OLD), FL (OLD), IL, ME, OH, PA (OLD), RI (OLD), SC, VT, WA (OLD), WA (EDL) (OLD), WA 2 weeks $60+ BTC, LTC, WU, MG
5thfloordmv AL, FL (OLD), FL (U21) (OLD), LA, MT, NM, NM (U21), TN 2 weeks $60+ BTC, LTC, XMR
EvolvedIDs AR, CT, FL, IL (OLD), MD (OLD), MS (OLD), NC (OLD), OH, PA (OLD), RI (OLD), VT 2 weeks $60+ BTC, BCH, LTC
IDViking AB (OLD), CO (OLD), IL (OLD), IL (U21) (OLD), MB, ME, ME (U21), KY, OH, OH (OLD), OH (U21) (OLD), PA (OLD), PA (U21) (OLD), QC (OLD), RI (OLD), SK, SC, SC (U21), WA (OLD), WA (U21) (OLD), SECONDARIES 3 weeks $79+ BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DOGE, DSH
RichHomieIDs SC 2 weeks $25+ BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH
PlanetFakes CT (OLD), IL (OLD), MD (OLD), NH (OLD), PA (OLD), RI (OLD) 2 weeks $75+ BTC, RELOADIT
IDBook AL, AR, AZ, AZ (OLD), CA, CO (OLD), CT, CT (OLD), DE, FL, FL (OLD), GA, IA, ID (OLD), IN, IL (OLD), KS, KY, MA (OLD), ME, MD (OLD), MI, MO, MS (OLD), MN, NC, NE, NH (OLD), NJ, NV, NY, OH, OH (OLD), OK, PA, PA (OLD), RI, RI (OLD), SC, TN, TX (OLD), UT (OLD), VA, WV (OLD), WI, WI (OLD), WY, nRI, nCT, nPA, nFL, nUT 2 weeks $125+ BTC, WU, MG
CollegeKey IL, MS, UT 2 weeks $100+ BTC, BCH, LTC
ID_Lucy MI 2 weeks $100+ BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR, DSH
ABCIDs ME, ME (U21), WA, WA (U21), RI (U21) 4 weeks $100+ BTC, LTC
DingoFakes CA, NJ, NY, RI, TX (OLD), WESTERN AUSTRALIA 2 weeks $80+ BTC, WU
CorruptFakes AL, IA, KS (OLD), ME, MN, NE, OR, OR (U21), RI, RI (U21), TN, TN (U21), WA (OLD), WA (U21) (OLD), WI (OLD) 3 weeks $30+ BCH, BTC, DSH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, NEM, NEO, TRON, VTC, XLM, XMR, XRP, ZEC
BogusBraxtor AZ, CA, CA (U21), GA, GA (U21), MO, TX, UT, UT (U21) 2 weeks $80+ BTC, LTC, WU
Lost-Identification DE, NJ, NY, WI, VA 2-3 weeks $30+ BTC, BCH, LTC, DSH, ETH, ZEC
AP3XIDS OR, OR (U21) 2 weeks $60+ BTC, LTC
MetroFakes NY, SC 2-3 weeks $75+ BTC, LTC


Vendor Products Eta Prices Payment Methods Marks
OldIronsideFakes CO (OLD), CT, CT (OLD), FL, IN, ME, NV, NY, PA, RI, SC, WA 2 weeks $60+ BTC, LTC, WU
DexPressFakes NV 2 weeks $50+ BTC
LibertyFakes Secondaries 1-2 Weeks $30+ BTC
iForge AL 1-2 Weeks $40+ BTC, Amazon GC
WillSmithIDs New Zealand 2-3 weeks N/A Bitcoin, Cash