Review By: Bjames1996 - State: Wisconsin

Vendor: Lost-Identification


So finally got this Lost identification VA in the mail and decided i should probably pop a review up here for you all since it seems like there aren't really that many.

Communication: 9/10

Losts CS was always pretty prompt to get back to me over on the other forum. No issues here.

Cost: 10/10

The best part about ordering from lost is probably the price. His IDs are very underpriced for the quality which is a great thing if your a reseller too.

Shipping: 4/10

So, yeahhhhhhh...... This is where things lacked. Now i will give him some slack because they said they had some equipment issues that caused a delay however, it is still the sellers job to get us our products on time so a strike on this one. Took a little over a month to arrive but worth the wait i would say.

signature: 9/10

The raised sig looks really nice. This might be because i'm one of the first people to get losts new raised text but it's very raised and i am unable to scratch it off like on the old ones i have from him. Same goes for the rest of the raised text on this ID. I think it could have been a little bigger but no biggie.


template: 8/10

Overall the template looks really good. The detail is quite crisp and it's not too saturated like my idgod WI. The colors on the back also look more well matched than other WI fakes i have seen including a friends scannable WI. There are a few things that should be adjusted on the front of the ID i think mostly around the right side of the template where the shield design is. Other than that i can't really point out anything that seems horribly off on this ID.

photoshop: 9/10

I submitted a pretty bad photo but they seem to have come out well. The ear shadows look nice as well as what he did with my hair. Maybe could have lightened it up just a tad bit more but overall, very happy with the PS.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

No ovi or holograms on this state

uv: 10/10

I personally don't own a black light but i used it at a local club close to campus and it passed without a second look.

scanning: 9/10

scans all the info like it should

conclusion: 9/10

I am very satisfied with this purchase and ID. If lost can fix his shipping this would definitely be my go to if i was looking for a new ID to add to the collection. Thanks for reading my review nibbas and hit me up if you know any poppin wickr group chatz.