Review By: kimberlyxkaa - State: Washington

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


Comparing the quality of a group order to my previous smaller orders from FYD and to a real older washington over 21 id. had ordered old washington, washington EDL, and ohio. Comparing to a real old washington design.

Communication: 10/10

always answers my questions, and concerns. good customer support no issues here. going to send them this link will hopefully get reprints.

Cost: 10/10

got a group discount while they had 50% off promo, and on top of that they now give free duplicates! got this order for a steal!

Shipping: 8/10

order from china took longer than expected, but order from dubai should be on time. had issues with previous orders when gotten rushed shipping, and still took forever. they gave a free duplicate as a way to makeup for it.

signature: 10/10

they were too thin on previous orders but they nailed it this time!


template: 7/10

the front is good, however the last 4 digits on the bottom of the front on real WA ids are supposed to be a military time, which they are not. barcode on the back is too thick, and font above barcode is more spaced out than the real one (comparing real old washington design with fake old washington design.)

photoshop: 7/10

1/3 of the ids had great photoshop, but the third the head was a little choppy and had a harsh line that did not blend well with background. pretty noticeable too. the Ohio picture was way more faded this time than my last one. looks sketchy.

holograms/OVI: 3/10

Got turned away from RED ROBIN they claimed they couldnt see the hologram. it is indeed there but is very transparent especially compared to the real WA. (comparing old washingtons)

uv: 2/10

The UV is placed significantly lower on the ids than my last order, and the real ones (please preview pictures provided) The UVs are also thicker than the real WA and there are random splotches on the ids that react to blacklight.

scanning: 10/10

they all scan perfectly. not sure about advanced scanners.

conclusion: 8/10

I love FYD ids and plan to keep ordering them. the mistakes with the photoshop, UV, and hologram i know are not normal on their fakes because previous orders did not share these imperfections. overall good ids, just a bad batch.