Review By: GreatPinecone - State: North Carolina



I received this as a review copy. I don't have a real NC to compare to but using the scans that have been posted in the forum and have handled a NC ID multiple times before, I feel this is an accurate review.

Communication: 10/10

Was not really necessary. Have communicated with OIS for a number of issues with some orders I have placed though and they've always responded pretty fast. Probably the only issue is the majority of their support is chinks lol so you got that classic language gap. Makes for fun reading though at least.

Cost: 10/10

This was a free review copy -- but the price of this ID ($100) puts it in the same bracket as the nPA. And let me tell you, that is a fair price.

Shipping: 7/10

Took about a week and a half to ship out and another week and a half to arrive. You're not ordering domestic so it's not gonna be a one week turnaround (cough Dove), but that's some insanely fast international delivery compared to the classic g0d 5 week process

signature: 7/10

As far as the ID goes this is probably my only slight complaint. The signature is a little too large and a little too thicc for a NC ID. Keep in mind signatures generally never look good on fakes (only one that ever looked really good was my Lucy signature). Out of state, this won't be a problem though.


template: 8/10

Good: - Color matching is spot on. - Microprint is insanely detailed, as expected with OIS - The "hidden" features such as the missing part in the letter 'H' in the height category are there Bad: - Font on the entire ID is just slightly too bold. Really noticeable when you compare the text "commissioner of motor vehicles" above the ID photo. - Raised text for the DOB is black and it should be a brown color. Probably the most noticeable flaw.

photoshop: 9/10

Sent in a really detailed photo and they did an excellent job with ear shadows and zoom. If I always looked as good as I did in the photo I would be drowning in puss let me tell you. Only issue is the photo is a little TOO good for the DMV cameras so subtracting a point for that.

holograms/OVI: 8/10

Can't vouch for them too much, but they certainly look the same as ones I'm seeing in the scans. My only complaint is that the OVI does seem a little "dull" (I noticed a similar issue on his nPA) but it's pretty good, definitely good enough for out of state use.

uv: 8/10

Certainly looks good to me but I'm no expert for the UV on these and my UV light is shit.

scanning: 7/10

Scans quick on BCS and Scannr. No complaints here.

conclusion: 9/10

Now this a review copy and I'm not tryna shill but this is an extremely good ID for the price bracket. Yes, the price is expensive, but the quality as far as I can tell is right up there with the nPA which is generally agreed upon to be one of the best IDs on the market right now. The few complaints I have with the ID are extremely minor and for out of state use I can't really see anyone denying this as long as you submit a good photo and signature and can keep yourself composed.