Review By: chickennoodlesoupme - State: Alabama



I needed a really good minor prop. I look young and most of the people here who are 21 still have their minor id. I had issues using o21 forms at some places because of my baby face. I decided to go with fifth floor dmvs under 21 new mexico and I am very satisfied with it. I have had no issues to date *knocks on wood* and it is just like a real minor new mexico.

Communication: 7/10

I did not need to talk with them. The process was straight forward. I have shopped here before and I know the response times can vary but it has improved. They handled some misc tickets for me in a good manner.

Cost: 9/10

If you can order during a sale or place a group order for the discount I would make it a 10. The normal pricing is still very competitive when considering the quality you get and the consistency.

Shipping: 7/10

This took a little longer than it use to and seems to vary but not a big deal to me.

signature: 8/10

Easy to sign online on the right device. Came out better then expected.


template: 10/10

As I said before this is really great. Some very subtle tone differences but barely nothing and that is with a real side by side.

photoshop: 10/10

This was done very well and really helps make the id.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

The real ovi is really a good improvement.

uv: 10/10

It has checked out at all the places I have gone that have uvd it.

scanning: 8/10

It scans fine. It had one issue at a gas station when they swiped it but it has swiped fine at other places so not sure about that.

conclusion: 9/10

I highly recommend this product and this vendor for quality products and consistent work.