Review By: deadmigit - State: Maryland



I received this as a review ID and I am comparing it to a o21 nMD but he couldn’t risk his security clearance so I don’t have pics of his.

Communication: 10/10

OIS was fine with CS. I didn't have any reason to contact him so I assume it is fine.

Cost: 9/10

I got it for free as a review ID. Normally it will be 140 but that is a little steep for a ID but honestly the cost that goes into it I think it is worth it.

Shipping: 10/10

11/10 So shipped from China to the East coast in 2.5 days. It spent 1 hour and 12 minutes in customs so that was amazing.

signature: 9/10

It looked a tad big but that could just be me.


template: 8/10

So this temp is a V1 and I could use a little work to be ISP. The general temp with the microprint is hotter then the spoon on Demi Lovato's nightstand*(its super sexy). So since I have a character limit I can’t go in-depth with this review as I did on the other one. But basicly it just needs a few things moved around and the back photo to be color.

photoshop: 10/10

So I sent a good photo but the PS on this ID was excellent. It was really good for the ID and no signs of PS.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

I’m going to use this space to talk about the tactile text and parts of the ID. It is my favorite part of this ID. To say the least it is amazing.

uv: 9/10

That UV is some sexy goodness. Sorry my camera really doesn't like taking photos of UV but I will update those photos sometime soon. The back UV on the top though is a little blurry IRL so that could be worked on.

scanning: 9/10

It scans fine and everything comes up on BCS.

conclusion: 9/10

8.5/10 MD 9.5/10 not near MD So IK my scans were a little dirty but there was one thing that was actually in the ID. There was a piece of lint in the box where the lenticular lens goes on one of the IDs. You can't see it in the scans because it is really close to my face and I had to color it out but somehow it just looks like a little piece of lint stuck on the ID. Overall this ID is straight fire for East coast but for around D.C. it could use a little adjustments. V2 coming soon.