Review By: jaroftea - State: Oregon

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


Yay for reselling, shipped this bad boy right to the consumer's door. Received in appx 2.5 weeks.

Communication: 10/10

None is ever really necessary with FYD, unless there's something to be changed. One of the vendors I never worry about.

Cost: 10/10

We love the reseller rates, not really sure how they're doing that nowadays though. $35 <3

Shipping: 10/10

FYD is usually 2-3 weeks, recently they had a slow down I think of New Mexico's? 2.5 weeks is great considering the large amounts of orders FYD gets, especially since mine was a single ID and dupe.

signature: 10/10

on point baby, friendly tip, don't make your signature look too perfect because the DMV pen is autist.


template: 9/10

Looking at Ap3x's OR (you can find pics by me here <> you're welcome) as well as ok pics this shit is damn good. The OR is being mastered pretty well by most vendors, I'm not going into depth but out-of-state definitely, in-state, maybe some lenient places.

photoshop: 8/10

8 due to uncertainty, photoshop looks good but I can't really tell how it's supposed to look and they always vary.

holograms/OVI: 8/10

8 for uncertainty, looks like it fits though.

uv: 10/10


scanning: 10/10

yay pdf417. if you're with the shits leave a bad review on Bar Club Scanner in the app store lmao.

conclusion: 8/10

Great stuff by FYD per usual. OR is a great western state if u got the balls to rep your weird ass ID. They did a pretty good job, it's not a flimsy semi-matte budget Oregon.