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Just received my g0d MD, first time ID order, not much research....but no ragrets. Uncertainty Level: Medium (Fake in hand comparing with real scans and past instate reviews)

Communication: 10/10

The communication was fantastic. I've heard bad things about the g0d in this respect, but he never took longer than a few hours to respond to an email. Even when I asked for tracking (a few days after it shipped, needed to coordinate that I'd be home to pickup) he sent back information within the hour.

Cost: 7/10

Price is decent for an older ID. 40 dollars is the group rate for 4 or more, and that's what I got. I've seen other ID's that are this quality or better for less though, so that's why I bumped down the rating.

Shipping: 6/10

Shipping is g0ds weak point, but he shipped these out about 4 days after I ordered (counting weekend!) and then these delivered about two and a half weeks after he shipped. However, it would have been two weeks flat had the postal service delivered at the expected time.

signature: 7/10

Signature is a tad bit thick, but as long as you make it yourself it's fine. The ones he auto generated are a bit worse.


template: 7/10

The MVA laminate is not perfectly stuck on, and I suspect that this is not instate passable at all. The maryland state at the corner is also darker blue in the fake, and the fade is off. Surprised he hasn't fixed this, given I've seen reviews of this ID two years ago with the same issue. Microprint not bad, it does touch the issue date barely, which is not true with the real thing. other than that, colors and fonts seem to match very well.

photoshop: 7/10

Ear shadows aren't bad. Not much of an expert in this area, but I've seen better. They should be a bit of a sharper dark.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Vibrant MVA holos. Very good. Vibrant MVA holos. Very good. Vibrant MVA holos. Very good.

uv: 1/10

N/A Not included in OG Review. N/A Not included in OG Review. N/A Not included in OG Review.

scanning: 8/10

Info comes up just fine on BCS and a couple other scanning apps I've tried, saying these IDs are VALID.

conclusion: 7/10

It's an aging template and not much work has been done to fix it, but the communication and logistics (reliability) of idg0d has been amazing. This ID will not be out of state passable for most bars and clubs, and definitely not instate passable, but should work in liquor stores around the country, maybe in state. Not bad. OG Post by: u/lemmyreincarnate