Review By: ThatMainStreamGuy - State: Alabama

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


I got this ID because my parents told me to stop being a little bitch and to get a fake so I didn't have to drive back home. Anyways, I've been praising this ID for a while and I think its underrated for how good this is IMO.

Communication: 10/10

FYD of course is amazing with support I had a bubble in my dupe so I got it marked for reprint. But my ticket kinda stopped getting replied to so I had to message FYD support on reddit and he fixed me up real good. Miss the old sub though.

Cost: 10/10

Shit already pretty good for 80 bucks but during his 50off sale its a steal. I paid like 45 bucks LTC for it.

Shipping: 8/10

Had some problems here, first time was out of his control, as my ID was shipped to New York for some reason (So much for priority mail). Second time I guess there was some delay, took a little over three weeks from buying to get here, but that was during his 50off sale so it's to be expected.

signature: 10/10

Signature is a bit too think from a real OH, but OOS it is fine.


template: 10/10

It is an ok template, but the colors are slightly off unfortunately, but you can just pass it off if you age the ID yourself a bit, I rubbed mine on my desk to make it look worn a bit to play it off. I don't have a real OH to compare from, except for the ones I've seen in the past. It'll work OOS easily though.

photoshop: 10/10

Photoshop looked awesome, but I had a pretty good pic so your mileage may vary.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Holograms are extremely reflective, probably too reflective for their own good, as I compared it with someone's real OH, and it wasn't as vibrant. Should be fine OOS.

uv: 10/10

Didn't have an UltraViolet light test it out. Sorry.

scanning: 10/10

Scans at Meijer and passes BCS. I haven't swiped it but I assume it works.

conclusion: 10/10

I have personally used it in-state, but Walmart doesn't give a fuck, I wouldn't bet my life on a strict bar in state but out of state you will be golden. I would definitely recommend this ID, it has no major problems. Some people say OH is over faked, but I don't know too much about that, but if you are looking for a solid ID from a reputable vendor, look no further.