Review By: opsec_breached - State: Massachusetts



Re-submitting because I forgot to change the state to MA. I have been waiting for a nMA to be made and finally it's in. Writing this review I have the nMA in hand. I wasn't near a scanner when I had the real nMA so I can only take a shitty picture of the real one and it'll have to do. Though I obtained nMA u21 scans so you can compare to that. And the shitty photo.

Communication: 10/10

We were in touch throughout the whole process and they're always very quick at responding–within 24 hours and sometimes shorter.

Cost: 10/10

Honestly this rating doesn't even make sense. 10/10 would be free. But for an ID of this quality we are going to do 10/10. Take it up with me later if you got a problem. :)

Shipping: 10/10

Shit got here within a week. Never been so damn impressed by OIS.

signature: 9/10

Could be a bit larger. But it doesn't make too much of a difference if you're out of state.


template: 9/10

Goddamn it's sexy. There is near-perfect color matching going on. Only suggestion could be the state of MA shape being the slightest less vibrant. The background for the picture is slightly off as well. It should be a more green-ish color, but it's very hard to notice a difference. Birthdate on front bottom right corner should be brown raised text & lined up with the DD.

photoshop: 10/10

It's up close just like the real deal. Shows slight shoulders and from neck up–looks perfect.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

The kinegram could be a little more textured/3D looking with a little more shine. There's also should be a slight halo looking shine around the bird and flowers that are not there–but that's me being nit picky.

uv: 9/10

I personally don't have a UV so I'm going off of another person's UV picture as well as Barbook 2017. It looks pretty great. Only suggestions: Make the state seal and the word Massachusetts on the front bottom left less blurry.

scanning: 9/10

All of the info comes up as it is displayed. Already been used at a bodega and it scanned without any trouble. Also scans on PDF147.

conclusion: 9/10

The ID is truly amazing, from the feeling of the material to the bend. The only key part is the raised text in the bottom right. And the missing +4 digits at the end of the 5 digit zip code. You definitely don't want to be using it instate though. Keep this for bordering states and others and you're good to go!