Review By: hawaiiflowers808 - State: Ohio

Vendor: EvolvedIDs


This is my first time ordering an ID anywhere and Evolved was so helpful throughout the whole process.

Communication: 10/10

This vendor replied to my multiple tickets and multiple questions within a day. This was my first time ordering so I wanted to make sure everything was perfect and this vendor had no problem reassuring my payment went through etc.

Cost: 9/10

I bought this ID on my own with a duplicate and I ordered express shipping. It was a bit pricey, but I did order on my own. The price was worth it for how quick it came!!!!

Shipping: 10/10

So like my ID came within 5 days. I ordered it on 10/10 and RECEIVED it in the mail on 10/15. I ordered express shipping and it came in 5 days. I am so utterly amazed!!!!!!

signature: 9/10

Looks a little small, but this might just be the way I wrote my signature on the ID pad.


template: 10/10

Everything is super crisp and the colors are very vibrant. The font is very clear and the back laminate was included as well.

photoshop: 10/10

Very good! I did my best to take the picture like how they directed and it looks very believable!

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Very vibrant and the colors are there! Looks very detailed!

uv: 10/10

Came up really well at the club and bar!

scanning: 9/10

Everything looks good on my app scanners and it swipes at gas station.

conclusion: 10/10

This ID and Vendor are amazing and made my first purchase so easy. The process has been very easy for me and the communication was exceptional! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a reliable and communicative vendor. Thank you, Evolved!