Review By: GusBus - State: None



My friend got Lost ID's VA for to use in grocery stores since they don't live in an area with many out of state people and he didn't want to be sus. Which, I admit, was a terrible idea.

Communication: 10/10

His communications is excellent, his CS and him reply super quick. I sent him a bunch of emails before placing an order and he was super helpful.

Cost: 8/10

The price was pretty good. My friend got it with the $30 promo. It is an ok price for the quality and a free dupe so can't complain.

Shipping: 1/10

Supposed turnaround time is 2 weeks, and it got here in 2 weeks and 1 day (15 days). I don't have a problem with that though, and he was out for like 5 of those days with prior notice so it's not a big deal. On time.

signature: 6/10

The signature looks good but it is out of place. Again, it should be covering the tiny text under the picture, not the organ donor sign closer to the bottom. Look at the pictures for reference.


template: 5/10

The ID# should not have any spaces inbetween the numbers. Signature should overlap the tiny text under the picture, not the organ donor sign. DD numbers on the bottom left are too far apart. Background graphics are REALLY light. All the text is blurry. There's an indentation in the DoB, EXP, and ID# that should not be there. Subheaders should not be bolded. For the height, it says "5FT08IN", but should say "5FT 8IN". The lines and shapes on the barcodes are too thick.

photoshop: 5/10

Ear shadows are too big. Face is dark blue(??), should be black and white, also too zoomed in, it should show a bit of shoulder and also should end in a crisp line that meets the tiny text. (SWIM sent in a darkish picture in the first place, but it wasn't anything photoshop couldn't fix, they checked.)

holograms/OVI: 10/10

The holo is sexy. I don't really know how to spot a fake one but it looks just like the real one to me so take it for what it is.

uv: 5/10

I don't have a UV light to check. Might update in the future but for now there's not much I can say about the UV. Sorry

scanning: 7/10

It scanned but it took the 7eleven clerk like two or three passes for it to actually register so watch out for that. Might be because of the thick lines? idk

conclusion: 6/10

Barely instate passable (they don't claim it is). The background graphics, the blueish picture, and that blurry text are a dead giveaway. 1-10 is too many numbers. I'd rather do 1- 5, where 1 is terrible don't buy, 2 is bad, 3 is average, 4 is good, and 5 is intstate passable. I would give it a light 3.