Review By: cwitkowski - State: Pennsylvania

Vendor: IDKing


Pretty good ID's. The scans work 9/10 times. Good response time

Communication: 8/10

Responds decently fast, not super fast but is reasonable

Cost: 10/10

They have pretty good deals going on. Good id for the price paid

Shipping: 9/10

Still iffy on the shipping because they said it could take 1.5 weeks or less guaranteed but I think mine came after that. But its definitely faster than any other site offers, Cant be upset

signature: 10/10

good. nothing to complain about. it looks legit. it seems legit. all legit. im happy with it. i mean its just a signature


template: 10/10

looks like it is 100% real.

photoshop: 8/10

average. i wouldnt say that it is 100% looking like no photoshopping occured, but it passes. a bouncer looking at it for 5 seconds wont notice ny flaws.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

looks very real. amazed with how they do this. I can get into the hardest bars with this feature

uv: 10/10

I haven't checked UV but I'm sure it works bc everything else with this company is good

scanning: 10/10

9/10 times it works. bars near me dont scan alot anymore but the ones that do, it almost always works

conclusion: 9/10

as long as it works in the bars, im happy