Review By: nightjob - State: Tennessee

Vendor: 5thfloordmv


i resell ids to college kids and friends and this is just another that i have done through fifth floor which has been my go to lately and the best

Communication: 8/10

easy process open a ticket sort it by your issue and importance although the reply time can vary they have always got back to me it might be helpful to add more options to the tickets to specify even further

Cost: 10/10

i have resold for awhile and the trend seems to be to get the lowest price but that changes the quality of product and service you get, fifth provides affordable pricing combined with an amazing product and service thank you for the risk you take and always hooking us up pouring one up for you all

Shipping: 8/10

very basic stealth it could be nice to have an option to add one stealth but it has never failed so there is that no issues here

signature: 8/10

if fifth updates the pad to use easier on all devices it would be great i just have to plan to submit on the right device otherwise they will probably replace my shitty signatures


template: 10/10

this tn template is pretty identical to the real thing there might be a few spots where colors could be deeper or sharper but it varies by issue versions this is the closest thing to the most recent tn issue with the update zip

photoshop: 9/10

had an issue submitted a photo on the site but then i saw the note about the picture size this should be more bold but the photo shop is amazing looks like a real license

holograms/OVI: 1/10

the best tn id i have ordered i remember when fifth used different holograms but the versions lately are insane

uv: 10/10

just like a real copy not too bright just fades right into the hologram perfectly aligned and always passes out

scanning: 8/10

i have only had one id with a scanning issue but i think that was at the place scanning it all past orders and this one scan fine on bcs and out

conclusion: 10/10

a long time trusted and reliable vendor with great products at great prices no complaints here and i will continue shopping with fifth .. now my review discount ;)