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Was a bit nervous purchasing CK over Plur but with a solid Promo going on and then the Satin lams, I had to purchase with CK. I don't regret it, minus a few issues, this is a beautiful ID. Uncertainty Level: Medium (Fake in hand comparing with real scans and past instate reviews) OG Reviewer: u/mr_david_koresh

Communication: 10/10

CollegeKey was insanely responsive via PMs on reddit, and his CS was aswell. Never had to use the ticket option on his website, but based on the quick response on reddit, I have no doubts that he would've responded quickly.

Cost: 9/10

Bought this badboy for 60$ during his "WeBack" promo, and holy fuck it's a fucking STEAL for that price. Now it retails for 100, and although Plur is cheaper, I feel this is a better ID. I will go into the reasons below, but I'd reccomend, even for 100, especially if CK can stick to this turnaround.

Shipping: 10/10

Ordered 11/4, received 11/13. I would've received 11/11, but Veteran's Day made that not happen. Still a 9 day turnaround is solid, it would've been 1 week, which is sexy, like I said, if he can stick to this turnaround, then it parrallels Plur, and I currently feel this is a better ID.

signature: 9/10

Looks great, I used sharpie on white printer and it worked great. Perfectly spaced below the photo (I do hope it isn't supposed to be raised text, because it isn't)


template: 8/10

PROS: +Nearly identical to Real nIL minus the placement of "issue date", on CK, the word "ISS" is too high on Lincoln's forehead, should be lowered slightly Drivers license # is perfect, first lettter of last name followed by 11 numbers Satin lams good feel Faux microprint is crispy Colormatching is oh so good CONS: -Height is listed as 3'0" -Microprint can't pass loupe -"ISS" needs to be lowered down on Lincoln's forehead

photoshop: 8/10

So in the photo I submitted, I look like a healthy, white guy In the ID photo I look like I have fucking Jaundice (look it up) BUUTTT, considering I have long hair, I never really need ear shadows, but I got these sexy hairshadows and they're gorgeous tbh All-in-all the photo making me yellow kinda kills the PS score

holograms/OVI: 9/10

Fucking IL OVI is hideous but CK nails it, the only reason it's 9/10 as opposed to 10/10 is the OVI overlapping my photo makes an already yellow face look gray and gold from OVI, so maybe lighten the OVI over the photo (unless, once again, a real IL has that, this is a MEDIUM certainty review after all)

uv: 8/10

but there is one relatively major issue prevetning it from being a 10. The front UV is shifted down on the ID, (looking at photo will make this much more clear). What I mean is, the entire UV format is correct, except it is at the bottom of the ID. Lincoln's hat, as opposed to being on his head, is at the bottom of the ID near the word "TYPE:ORG" The back of the ID's UV is 11/10. Super. Sexy.

scanning: 10/10

Works on PDF, BCS, haven't used at gas station but it would work there. IL doesn't have magstrip so no need to worry about swiping

conclusion: 9/10

Good: +.999999:1 template, truly a thing of beauty +Vibrant OVI and UV +Signature is good and faux microprint looks good until under a loupe +Satin lams Bad: -Photoshop makes me look yellow/really white (I can just say I was sick for the photo or something) -UV, while looking beautiful, is shifted down on the front, move it up and then it's a none issue