Review By: mc88ca - State: Tennessee

Vendor: Lost-Identification


When I was chosen for the raffle to review Lost’s IDs I definitely knew I wanted to get my hands on a TN. I’ve heard good things about this ID from other people at my school, this ID definitely did not disappoint! This ID is a solid buy and Lost put a lot of really high quality features to make this ID look really good. This is the last ID I have for review and I’m really excited to see how this one holds up to the ones I’ve seen around from other vendors.

Communication: 10/10

I’m giving such a high score because I always see lost on both forums. The transaction went perfectly, but if I had a problem I’m sure I could contact him on either of the forums or via email. Once I made the purchase it was confirmed within 3 days with the order number. You can also check if your order has shipped on his website.

Cost: 8/10

Since this ID was free for a review, I am basing my score on if I would've bought it straight from him, which would have been 1-3: $75 4-6: $65 7+: $60. The prices on Lost are pretty much equal and for a low amount of ID’s you still get the bang for your buck and all of his ID’s come with a duplicate of course.

Shipping: 9/10

Since I was receiving this ID for free I thought it would takes months to get here but the shipping was great. I ordered five ID’s on November 22nd at 11:10 and I recieved them on December 13th which isn’t bad at all for regular shipping. Stealth is good, but if your parents check the mail try to check it yourself or tell them you have a package coming just to play it safe.

signature: 9/10

Signature is placed correctly. Not raised but this ID does not come with that feature.


template: 9/10

This template is really good, nothing is out of place and the coloring is equal to pictures I have seen online to compare it too. Background is excellent and with the premium holograms this ID looks super passable. The DOB & EXP are a little faded like I said above and the TN graphic is could be a little more robust but these are all small and minute fixes. The physical feel of this ID is good and doesn't feel too glossy and the teslin looks and feels great.

photoshop: 9/10

This ID comes with a lot of premium features such as multispec holograms and he put a special emphasis on photoshopping the ear shadows and photoshop in general which shows in this ID. The photoshop is solid and the background coloring is spot on and not too dark/light. EXP & DOB is slightly faded but not a huge red flag and partly because of the holograms. Lost put a lot of effort into the photoshop of the headshot because this picture looks fantastic.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

These holograms are SO nice, they are multi spec and make this ID look so nice. There is even a faux microprint that looks super nice. The holo's arent super over saturated and they compliment the ID very nicely

uv: 9/10

Passes 365nm UV Light with no problems! The holo's are super vibrant and reflect nicely off of the ID.

scanning: 9/10

Scans BCS and pdf417! All the info is correct and theres nothing incorrect with the dates or anything.

conclusion: 9/10

Highly would recommend. The microprint, holograms and photoshop make this ID super valuable for someone looking to get into more strict bars & clubs in the area. Along with Lost’s AZ and MO along with others, this ID with its quality puts him on a new level of quality I am very impressed with. There are a few minor fixes that can be fixed with time but overall this ID looks great to me