Review By: chug1t - State: None



Arkansas from Idgod caught.. Im a college student, look 21 easily. Needed an ID for buying drinks and getting into clubs.

Communication: 10/10

didnt need to communicate but was good on email with information

Cost: 5/10

Paid $80, kinda expensive it doesnt scan ./..

Shipping: 7/10

Took a month almost, didnt have tracking info but just knew when it got shipped

signature: 7/10

nothing special, I left the option for him to make them up. Looked a little too simple, just a rewrite of the name in a different font. could be much better


template: 1/10

Have seen pictures of it online. the colors are a little off but nothing too much. The real problem was the lamination. The lamination was easily visible and wasn't covering the whole of the ID. (like there was plenty of space around the edges where it was obvious.)

photoshop: 8/10

good, nothing special looked fine

holograms/OVI: 8/10

looked good, when they checked the uv light scan it looked good

uv: 10/10

not sure, looked good, when they checked the uv light scan it looked good

scanning: 7/10

DID NOT SCAN!! The ID worked at a liquor store and a college bar. But I went to a slightly bigger bar not too far away. The person checks the ID, looks 50/50. uses the UV light, seems good. Then puts in a scanning machine. doesn't work. she tells me straight up it's a fake and I was like it isn't. then she said again yeah it's a fake it didn't scan and kept it with her.

conclusion: 5/10

works, but very skeptical to use it. especially because the lamination is not throughout or maybe not done right on mine. Also does not scan. maybe idgod can help me with this??