Review By: tmac - State: Alabama



I got this ID as a review copy. Reposting this review because i am a poor bastard and want $20

Communication: 10/10

Really awesome cs. always on----------------------

Cost: 7/10

think at the time you could get for 35 which is very good. Now is 60 so good dealz

Shipping: 10/10

~1.5 weeks. Love our domestic vendors

signature: 10/10

As I sent it-------------------


template: 8/10

Not a very difficult id. Color matching looks very good. the temp of the old legend apex i think

photoshop: 8/10

Did well with wild hair.----------------------

holograms/OVI: 9/10

oregon should change color i think ------------------

uv: 6/10

the uv ink on the id is a different type. Seems a little smeared and isn’t that a sharp outline of Oregon. That being said, its very vibrant -uv since been fixed on all of dove's oregons-

scanning: 10/10

1:1 pdf and bcs------------------------

conclusion: 8/10

Bends well and has a good temp. The UV is kinda sketchy tho, but really isn’t a huge issue unless the person sees the id frequently( not anymore). Good for west coast. Dove is great for a solid, quick, cheap id