Review By: d-day66 - State: Oregon

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


for what I paid for it, I would say this ID is worth it, but not worth much more. I would not recommend Oregon no matter the vendor.

Communication: 9/10

had an issue using the 50off promotion, but was quickly resolved within 24 hours

Cost: 10/10

$40 is pretty good for any ID

Shipping: 5/10

Took a little over a month to get here, and was shipped 1 week after his estimated time, but I understand that things can get hectic before spring break, and with Chinese New Year.

signature: 7/10

thick, almost too thick, and also comparing to a verified picture of a real O21 Oregon, is slid too far to the left.


template: 7/10

This is a beautiful ID, but from what I can tell there is 0 shine coming off the ID. The ID is also uncomfortably thin and flimsy, and has a very different texture compared to a Washington (the Washington is almost twice as thick), but then again its a WHOLE DIFFERENT STATE. main reason I have it as a 7 is because the first gas station I used it at, the clerk felt it, chuckled, gave me that "I ain't stupid" look. I still walked away with my goods though

photoshop: 7/10

photoshop is amazing quality and made my hair and shadows neat, but i feel like the image is not close enough on my face, Which may be my fault for not being closer but the picture was not zoomed in much from the original I took.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

beautiful and stunning. Only photo comparison to a real O21 Oregon but man they are pretty to look at and very clean

uv: 10/10

haven't tried it, but from the way the holos look I can only imagine a UV test would be a breeze

scanning: 10/10

scans on all apps with ease including pdf417 and BCS, and at the gas station I went to.

conclusion: 7/10

FYD has some things to work on with this Oregon, but overall he makes some great shit. I might see if I can find a place that won't really feel around on the id and just take it and scan it, but I don't feel 100% comfortable using it everywhere. I used Alabama before but got too much shit in the northwest for using it often. I should have done some more research and picked a different state, but I guess I will have to make do.