Review By: mauri43 - State: Pennsylvania

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


I was looking around for a fake and I had read a lot of good things about FYD. Also, they had a 50% off sale so I immediately ordered

Communication: 7/10

FYD CS is pretty good. Almost always they'd responds within 24 hours, but one time it took around 2 days. They do post updates though so overall I'd give them a solid 7/10

Cost: 10/10

The pricing is insanely good for FYD. I bought with 2 other friends (3 ID's in total) and they had a 50% off sale, so we ended up paying $30 each I think. Also, they include free duplicates so we payed $30 each for 2 ID's!

Shipping: 6/10

While it was CNY and they were very delayed, our ID's took a long time to come. Over a month. We ordered on 1/30 and received on 3/14.

signature: 9/10

Signature looks amazing. It's not too thick and not too thin, looks like my real ID


template: 9/10

The template looks very good. All the details look spot n, font looks perfect and placement too. Don't have a real O21 with me but comparing to pictures it looks great

photoshop: 9/10

The photoshop is very well done. The edges of the heads look perfect and eyes look good too.

holograms/OVI: 8/10

The holos look good. They might be a bit too vibrant but not to the point where it's obviously a fake, they're still good. Also, comparing to pictures, it looks like all the holos are placed perfectly

uv: 8/10

Don't have a UV light with me so cant review this part

scanning: 9/10

Scans perfectly on BCS and generic barcode scanner app. Haven't tried it yet in a store or anything real though.

conclusion: 9/10

This ID looks very good. While I have not tried it yet, I have a lot of confidence with it. All aspects off the actual ID are very well done. The only thing that I would change is the shipping time. While I understand it was CNY and everything was delayed, our ID's took over a month to get here (We order on 1/30 and received 3/14). Overall though, i would definitely recommend these ID's