Review By: claireis21 - State: Alabama

Vendor: Lost-Identification


I’d heard really good things about the WI IDs so I gave it a go — bad idea

Communication: 9/10

I didn’t exchange any communication

Cost: 5/10

Pricey. $80? Not the worst I’ve seen but too much for an unusable ID

Shipping: 8/10

As expected. About 2 and a half weeks.

signature: 8/10

Looks alright. A little higher than it should be.


template: 6/10

Some things crooked and out of line. Not terrible though.

photoshop: 1/10

Awful. Looks nothing like on a real ID. Way to closeup. I sent in good photos, they just fucked up

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Seems okay, haven’t tested but will soon

uv: 10/10

Haven’t tested. Likely okay though.

scanning: 8/10

Scans on IOS. Haven’t tried otherwise.

conclusion: 2/10

Most of this is okay, but the crappy photoshop job means this would never pass, in-state or out of state. Very disappointed.