Review By: bad_madame - State: VALUE



I bought this ID, despite the cost and the fact that It'll only be of use for a couple months, to be used at my best friends wedding. However, the product arrived way late and upon arrival, is completely useless and clearly fake.

Communication: 9/10

They did email quickly, particularly when my order was seized.

Cost: 4/10

I really wouldn't have had a problem paying so much if the ID was actually quality and could pass as real.

Shipping: 4/10

I specifically chose this company because they were supposed to be one of the fastest but it was seized by customs so I had to add on time. I also paid extra for rush shipping. The ID did not make it in time for the event I purchased it for.

signature: 10/10

It looks exactly like it looks on my real ID. It might look a little thin but I feel like signatures on IDs can vary to begin with.


template: 5/10

Color matching is off. Old Ironsides ID is much lighter than a real Florida ID. It's lacking in the blue tint of the background and the red tint of the FL. It at least has the random green splotch that is on a real one.

photoshop: 2/10

It's absolutely terrible and so washed out. I honestly think they made the original photo even worse. The lighting and quality of real Florida IDs is completely different.

holograms/OVI: 6/10

Holograms are there but not as easy to see as on a real one and not as detailed.. the hologram is also kind of glittery whereas the real holograms are like dotted.

uv: 6/10

I flashed it with my phone flashlight and compared it to a real ID. It's there but it is not anywhere near as detailed as a real ID.

scanning: 10/10

I downloaded BCS and it scanned easily.

conclusion: 1/10

I would not suggest Old Ironsides as vendor for a new FL license to anyone. Their quality is so low that they are not passable anywhere, including easy to pass places such as restaurants. It is a complete waste of time and money.