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Purchased this ID back in mid February with priority shipping received 3/21. Heard many great things about CK so I hope this review will help you make the right decision.

Communication: 8/10

To be honest some days were better than others. I was having some issues with having my tickets responded to after the first week but after mine and some others issues were brought to light CK personally was answering any questions that I had. Although his CS was lacking a little bit at first the last few weeks have been great. ( you have to understand they have lives as well)

Cost: 8/10

Wish I would of got in on the promo and saved an extra 25 % but it is what it is. I have no problem paying full price for what i got.

Shipping: 9/10

This part got a little tricky. There was some issues with his photoshop guy being out and being backed up on orders. Not going to lie I was a little worried that mine may never come. 4 days after mine shipped I received it in that mail and I can't be more happy that I was wrong.

signature: 8/10

1:1 signature my only issue is it seems to be a bit small. Besides that everything checks out


template: 9/10

after comparing it next to a real one there are some small issues such as the illinois seal microprint not as detailed as plurs or lincolns suit.

photoshop: 10/10

Everything was perfect. Word of advice for anyone taking a photo themselves make sure you go easy on the flash.

holograms/OVI: 8/10

The holos are pretty good but it seems whenever it was applied it smuged out a small part in my name and address, but unless really looked at it will pass 9/10 bars

uv: 10/10

everything ran clean under my uv light.

scanning: 8/10

tried 3 different scanners and it passed all with flying colors. it WILL NOT pass a box scanner so don't even think about it. NO Fake ID on the market can pass one and if it's being advertised as such don't believe it.

conclusion: 9/10

comparing to other fake nIL the only one that is better was plurs but since he's out of the game now I have to say CK has THE BEST nIL. CK was very professional throughout our transaction and have no problem saying I was wrong when I questioned if I was going to still get my ID. Easily one of the Top 3 vendors of all time and will defiantly be going to him for any future purchases. Thanks CK!