Review By: Honor.Hardwick1 - State: Alabama



I bought an ID of this vendour after my friends got one, this is my review.

Communication: 7/10

The vendour had very helpful responses and usually responded within a couple of days howver sometime would be inactive for a couple of weeks.

Cost: 6/10

Pretty pricey however worth the money. All reprints only cost 50USD which makes it less expensive for future purchases.

Shipping: 6/10

All my friends had no trouble with their shipping however after ordering mine and waiting around a month after previous compliations with sending it, we came to the conclusion it wasnt coming but he sent me another one immediatly and it only took around 3 weeks.

signature: 7/10

Signature looked really ligit, I asked for a simple signature however got a complicated one but it didnt matter too much.


template: 9/10

Super good detail, has everything on it that a real licence would have.

photoshop: 7/10

Photos looked exactly how I sent them in

holograms/OVI: 8/10

Holograms are super intense at the beggining but tend to fade after a couple of uses which helped it look more realistic.

uv: 7/10

Came up good under light.

scanning: 7/10

Scanned for all clubs I went to under facial recognition, doesnt scan for 'Fake' Scanners.

conclusion: 9/10

The IDGUY is a really good vendour and would recommend him to anyone. Super happy with my ID and have already ordered another one.