Review By: lsinc - State: North Carolina

Vendor: OldIronsidesFakes


OIS gave me this ID as a review copy, since I had a previous problem with an old OH I ordered from them.

Communication: 10/10

OIS responds within 24 hours, which is great if you have questions like I did. Had no problems at all with communication and they were very nice about everything. 10/10.

Cost: 9/10

I got this ID for free (technically speaking $60 since I paid for the old OH), but the real price is around $100. This seems pricey, which is why it is not a perfect 10/10, but you get what you are paying for in the end.

Shipping: 10/10

Got it in the mail in less than a week with rushed shipping. No problems at all, very fast. 10/10.

signature: 7/10

Only really noticeable part that is off is the signature is centered underneath the ID picture. On the real ID it's on the left. It's also a bit thick and seems a little big. 7/10.


template: 1/10

Template is super, super realistic. The colors are a tad off when compared to a real NC ID, but this is very hard to notice. The background color for the picture appears to be a different shade, yet still very close.

photoshop: 9/10

Photoshop job looks really close to the real thing, size and everything are just about on point. Nothing that sticks out to me. 9/10.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Holos are dull, but they are supposed to be that way. Look super similar to the real thing. If something is off I could not tell. 10/10.

uv: 8/10

I cannot do the UV light test, but I am assuming that it is all there. 8/10.

scanning: 7/10

Scans on every app that I have on my phone with no problems at all. 10/10.

conclusion: 9/10

9/10 for me. OIS is one of the best vendors on this site with great customer service, fast shipping, and quality IDs. I have already recommended friends to this site after they saw how good my ID was. I have used this ID numerous times now with 0 problems so far, not even a question about my address or anything! I also have been using this in-state, which says a lot on how good this thing is. HIGHLY recommend ordering from OIS, they know what they are doing.