Review By: Ehart - State: Alabama

Vendor: BudgetFakes


These ids are close to perfect. Everything on it looks great except the numbers on the picture are a huge giveaway since they're printed on there while the real ones are kinda stamped into it. The current texas id they currently offer is an older version (2007) so it's kinda hard to match up the issue date with birthday since the last 'updated' version of this id was in 2016. Also the back doesn't have the uv pic that the real ones have unless the older real version doesn't have it as well.

Communication: 10/10

vendor replied within 24hrs with all my questions answered even when they were backed up and didn't have time .

Cost: 8/10

when i bought them they were a super great price but they've recently changed their prices.

Shipping: 10/10

got here super quick even when they were backed up with 200+ ids.

signature: 8/10

signature is exactly as you write it so don't make it too thick or blurry.


template: 7/10

template was great minus the numbers printed on the pic.

photoshop: 10/10

picture/photoshop is good, ear shadows were there when needed.

holograms/OVI: 7/10

they were decent. could've been a little better on the stars.

uv: 5/10

Uv pic wasn't on back, again im not sure if the older real ones have it but i do know the newer ones do.

scanning: 8/10

i scanned them on bcs and they were all green except I've had about 2 people complain that they didn't scan at a gas station.

conclusion: 6/10

this id is good, if the bouncer isn't familiar with texas ids you're for sure to pass, but i definitely wouldn't use it in state.