Review By: ajukajuk - State: New York

Vendor: OldIronsidesFakes


Very new to the forum, OIS gave me this in a giveaway. Im in NY, I had to get their nNY v3 to drop this review. I have the O21 2017 NY in hand, lets get into it.

Communication: 10/10

OIS contacted me right away after commenting on their post about the giveaway. Responds on wickr within like 5 minutes, not even exaggerating.

Cost: 1/10

Again, this ID was from a giveaway, so it was free. CANT BEAT THAT SHIT MAN

Shipping: 10/10

Got here in like a week and a half.

signature: 10/10

ON FUCKING POINT. The signature is perfectly above the month and birth year and literally looks exactly like my u21 ID signature.


template: 10/10

This is where it gets good. This template is basically perfect with colors. Comparing them literally one over the other, the color match is spot on. Raised text on ID#, DOB, Expiration date and signature are all at the same level as the real one. The placement of words is even exact, down to spacing in between rows. The only nit picky comment i mat have is the date issued seems to be a little low, but then again this is technically a 2019 comparison to a 2017

photoshop: 9/10

Maybe its my actual complexion, but on the ID I appear a bit lighter than normal.The photo that I sent in wasn't the best because of a white background and lighting, but they did the best they could and overall its pretty good. The cut around my head and even facial hair is pretty good.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

You can see the Holograms/OVI print like within the id. I havent personally tried it but it seems like pretty much exact to the real one, so this is a pass for me

uv: 10/10

Who the fuck just has a UV light? Man according to the website photos and OIS reputation, i think this gets a pass.

scanning: 10/10

The scanning is half/ half for me. On BCS, the id scans good once, then as potential fake examine closely. Obviously any bouncer that sees that is going to know automatically its a fake. HOWEVER, BCS is known for scanning real IDs as fake too. On every other ID scanner app, It scans fines with no issues whatsoever.

conclusion: 9/10

So i Give this ID a 9 in the end. You cant beat free, and its good to know that our vendors reach out to us and interact so salute to OIS. The NY id is one of the hardest IDs to copy so for this to be that spot on is fucking ridiculous.