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I ordered this ID from CollegeKey on March 7th and received it in the mail on March 21st. I had high hopes for this ID and vendor considering the praising going on all over the forums, but as you read on to this review, this was anything but the case. The ID was very flimsy (but after research, thats how nIL are) and it scanned to the wrong person.. I have included pictures for comparison.

Communication: 1/10

The vendor only responded once to me and it was a question regarding how long shipping times should take. Never has once responded to any concerns I had regarding the IDs. He matches this on the forums with ignoring every post with a concern or question about his work unless it praises him. Very bad at PR (public relations)

Cost: 5/10

The cost totaled out to about $80 including priority shipping and the coupon code. Normally it would be $100 + priority shipping, which is pretty steep for the quality of ID I received. $80 for an ID that doesn't scan correctly is steep for any quality.

Shipping: 10/10

One thing CollegeKey gets right here is their shipping times. Only about 2 weeks before it arrived at my house.

signature: 10/10

Signature looks pretty good. I have no issues with it.


template: 8/10

All the details are pretty spot on and look exactly like the nIL id's in comparison. However, the duplicate I received with my purchase was significantly more crooked than my other one. Still not too bad,

photoshop: 7/10

Photoshop skills was pretty mediocre but it will get the job done. The picture I sent in wasn't the greatest of quality in the first place, so I will give them a good job of making it work. (You guys can be the better judge of this).

holograms/OVI: 8/10

Holos are pretty spot on. Some are kinda moved too far over things but they would pass pretty well.

uv: 8/10

Considering CollegeKey's work with the template and holos, I would have to assume they are there. I do not have a UV light unfortunately.

scanning: 10/10

This is where the HUGE problem is with CollegeKey. My ID scans just fine EXCEPT IT BRINGS UP ANOTHER PERSON, ADDRESS, AND BIRTHDAY. I have included the BCS scan in the photo section so you may compare the names and addresses to see how terrible this is. ID is unusable except at sketchy gas stations who don't scan ID's.

conclusion: 5/10

I have rated this ID a 5, because half of the ID is passable, but IT DOES NOT SCAN CORRECTLY (whole point of a fake lol). It was not worth the time and money of getting this ID ordered if they didn't check to make sure it scans to the correct person before shipping. My mindset on CollegeKey would change dramatically if he offered to fix my ID, but I see a very slim chance of that happening with his lack of communication with his customers. Was looking to become a re-seller but not now.