Review By: cocksby90 - State: Ohio

Vendor: IDViking


I've been going to Viking for years and now it's time I write a review for him as the old sub is gone forever, Aaron Hernandez.

Communication: 10/10

Look, if you want the best customer service there is, it's Viking. If you don't trust people because this business is sketchy, you seriously don't have to worry about that. Average reply time is about 4 hours, but there have been some scenarios where IDV has replied LITERALLY within 15 seconds. I was blown away. The team is very reasonable and knows how to please their customer.

Cost: 8/10

As far as actually paying for IDs, I'd say this isn't terrible with a group rate (8+). You normally pay 50 per ID, and just about everyone that has gotten one from Viking has never complained about price. If you get a group going, your ID will be free in almost all scenarios if you just simply ask. I've never paid for an ID my self, so I mean that's a solid 69/10 for me.

Shipping: 9/10

At first we had a lot of shipping issues, but that was over a year ago. IDV has really cleaned up the process I believe and now the average time table is 2 weeks for them to ship from the NW to the SE in America. I've had them come within 4 days before if you pay for the expedited shipping.

signature: 10/10

Looks like my real signature on my real ID.


template: 7/10

Okay here is where the fun begins. Ohio's ID typically have coloration inconsistencies depending on what BMV you go to to get it printed. At least, that's my belief as I know friends' IDs from differing counties look a slight bit different. The coloration of this fake is for the most part accurate, and has improved greatly since I first started getting Ohios. Comparing the one in my hand with my dad's real one though, the templates are much darker than the real ID.

photoshop: 10/10

Ear shadows look good, never had any issues with someone saying "hey, these ear lobes drop too far!"

holograms/OVI: 8/10

Very vibrant holos, they all check out for the most part but there is a big missing factor here that will AUTOMATICALLY make these NOT in-state passable. The top part of the ID is missing the "OHIO - 1803" crystal holo which instantly gives this away to be fake for anyone that knows these IDs. If you are anywhere near Ohio and trying to use these around a hardass, you will be fucked.

uv: 10/10

Came up great under that beautiful UV light.

scanning: 10/10

All checks out, had one issue in 2016 but that was resolved. Never have had an issue since.

conclusion: 7/10

Look here's the truth with ANY IDV ID, if you have confidence and know not to go to places that are going to be pricks and pull out a barbook on your ass everytime, you will be fine. Confidence makes this every time. I've been using both SC and Ohio IDs by him in eachother's state and I've NEVER been denied. I am a 140lb scrawny dude, so it's not my physique. These work if you know what you're doing, especially at a collegetown. And better than G0D.