Review By: tb5353 - State: New Mexico

Vendor: IDKing


I am doing this review to give credit to IDKing for the amazing ID and to help future customers. I was looking for a vendor who sold quality IDs for a good price and I have to say, IDKing did the trick. The process of buying a fake ID looks really intimidating at first, but fortunately, with a reliable vendor like IDKing you won't have to worry.

Communication: 10/10

Everyone who was complaining about IDKing's response time is full of s**t. He answered all my questions in a timely manner. Be polite with him and I don't think you will have any issues.

Cost: 10/10

I only got one ID so it cost me $65. It was a good price considering most vendors charge much more. If you buy in bulk you will get a bigger discount.

Shipping: 8/10

Ok.... this was my only complaint. It took 3 weeks for my ID to arrive. That being said, I got my ID during CNY so it wasn't IDKing's fault. Tell you the truth, I would rather wait for a quality ID than get a faulty one quickly.

signature: 10/10

I have terrible penmanship to begin with let along using a mouse. But somehow, IDKing turned my garbage into a work of art. I was very impressed!


template: 10/10 you guys get your IDs from the DMV? Because I could not tell the difference between IDKings ID and a real New Mexico ID. I observed the ID through a lens and all the little details were present.

photoshop: 10/10

Great photo! Follow the directions on IDKing's sight and you shouldn't have many problems. If not, message him and he will answer!

holograms/OVI: 10/10

If you compare the fake to an actual New Mexico ID, all the holos are in the exact place. Great work!!

uv: 10/10

Everything appears under a UV.

scanning: 10/10

IT SCANS!!! IT SCANS!! I have gotten into bars, liquor stores, and dispensaries with this ID. Walk into a store with confidence and have your information memorized and you will never be rejected!

conclusion: 10/10

BUY FROM IDKING!!!! If you are going to take anything away from this review, take away the fact that IDKing is a reliable vendor who produces a quality product. I have been very pleased with IDKing. He blew my expectations away. For everyone waiting for their ID, IT WILL COME!!! DON'T WORRY!!