Review By: B2C - State: Maine

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


aquired this id for someone other than myself and paid full price in crypto. i have never been to maine although, doing the appropriate research prior to purchasing, it appeared this state didn't have many safe guards built into the id which is what i needed in this novelty id.

Communication: 10/10

only had to communicate w/ vendor once and they were on point when it was asked via the forum. other than that inquiry, i had no need to hassle them and waited patiently so they could do there thing.

Cost: 8/10

they had the half off special that was going on but i was too stupid to notice so paid 80 w/ duplicate. still it was better than some of the other vendor offerings.

Shipping: 8/10

order placed w/ crypto 5/9 and in my mailbox 5/25. so lil over 2 weeks which i guess in this market isn't too bad. although, i've read some have yet to receive their orders that may have been in the same range as myself nevertheless, i'm not complaining.

signature: 9/10

this one i believe is tricky and provided the hand written name myself even though, i ave never spelled this name before. i think they might offer an option to do that online. i didnt and provided multiple samples so they had a few to work with. i suspect each one provided was shit but it came out pretty good. so yeah, 9.


template: 9/10

tbh, i was impressed and i have to believe, i have had some of their products pass through my hands when filling in for someone on a side gig that checks id's.

photoshop: 9/10

I really do not know what to look for and ain't real concerned about it since it's not for me. personally, i gauge all of these factors by one single thing and that's whether the objective or end-state was a success. at this time, that remains to be seen as the novelty id has not been fully vetted or used as a prop in some particular scenario.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

see my photo shop comment, i'm simply concerned with the end-state on this novelty item, is it convincing to the appropriate individual and we know that's totally subjective so yeah, it's shiny and flashy.

uv: 10/10

did not test and not concerned with that.

scanning: 9/10

did not test it although, they claim that it will so i see no reason to believe that it won't.

conclusion: 10/10

this novelty looks and feels good however, i am an individual who requires real world stats. once the opportunity presents itself for this thing to see some actual game time, i will provide that information. as it stands, i think it has the potential to put up the solid numbers one might expect. hell, it may even surpass those expectations based off the quality of skill and workmanship reflected in the item.