Review By: mylegsaregone - State: Michigan

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


I bought this ID (and another for a friend) as a part of a review sale. Fantastic pricing, check the FAQ section frequently because there are usually sales.

Communication: 10/10

FYD responded quickly and processed the order within 4 days of receiving.

Cost: 10/10

Really affordable if you catch the sales.

Shipping: 10/10

Took only 4 days to ship.

signature: 10/10

Looks identical to my real one.


template: 10/10

Can’t find anything that looks weird/wrong.

photoshop: 10/10

Everything looks good, sent in a HQ pic and the shadows/background looks good.

holograms/OVI: 8/10

I’m only ranking an 8 because I’m not sure how they are.

uv: 8/10

Haven’t gotten a chance to test under UV.

scanning: 10/10

Scans with the right info.

conclusion: 10/10

For the price, quality, and speed, you really cannot beat FYD. Watch out for the sales and you will be golden.