Review By: 420drank - State: Michigan

Vendor: FakeYourDrank


Purchased this ID during the $35 promo a couple weeks back. I've purchased from FYD before and this time around was no different. Mildly inconsistent shipping times but what gets delivered is an ID that is solid to the untrained eye.

Communication: 9/10

Didn't have any question or reason to contact them, but the tracking was posted on my account almost immediately after the label was made.

Cost: 10/10

$35 with a dupe is pretty hard to beat for a Michigan ID. Lucy makes the best Michigan IDs from what I've seen, but this is a good budget alternative.

Shipping: 9/10

Took close to 3 weeks from the time of ordering until I received it. Shipping itself was delayed as a result of typical USPS handling. Overall, it was consistent with what I have experienced with FYD in the past. Some orders have been within 2 weeks and others have been upwards of 4.

signature: 10/10

The signature looks accurate, properly size, and in the correct location. No issues here.


template: 5/10

The main features of this ID are all there, but the small details are hugely lacking. Color matching is fair. My main issues lie with the microprint, bridge, and boldness of the font. There is also no real ID star as there should be. - The microprint is Almost nonexistent. Not very crisp or legible and it doesn't extend to the areas it should under the bridge. - The bridge overlaps the main photo, but on a real ID it does not. - The black font is slightly too large and too bold.

photoshop: 10/10

Submitted high quality DSLR pictures and they came out great. The ear shadows are accurate and the sizing is proper.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

I ran out of space in the template section so I will mention it here; The "MICH" perforation is clear, however it is not in the right spot. It should be shifted up and to the left to be right above the "End NONE" text. The OVI is accurate and in the right spot, albeit a little bit too bright in some lighting conditions.

uv: 7/10

All of the proper UV is there as you can see in the pictures. However, the UV photo on the back is inverted and the details are not as clear or defined as they are on a real ID. The UV state seal from the front of the ID also bleeds through to the back of the ID, which is not accurate either.

scanning: 10/10

Scans just fine on all of the popular scanners. The barcode does look different compared to a real ID though.

conclusion: 7/10

For the price this ID will be hard to beat. Out of state use should be alright, but using it instate anywhere other than stores might present some problems. The problems with the template such as the first letter in the license number not being the first letter of the last name, bridge position, overly bold guilloche lines, bold font, lack of real ID star, and UV inaccuracies leave this ID far from perfection. Hopefully FYD can improve upon those things in the future.