Review By: Ihave_ligma - State: Illinois

Vendor: 21done


Decided to give 21done a try because Illinois is a boarding state and I heard that they are the best with Illinois ID's.

Communication: 10/10

The support replied to me in a very timely fashion and answered all my questions.

Cost: 10/10

Did the 50% off promo and had a group order so my wallet wasn't hurting after.

Shipping: 10/10

Came in 4 days total, fastest shipping yet!

signature: 8/10

Just a tad small on the signature.


template: 9/10

Pretty close to a perfect temp, Got the updated color template and it looks great. My photo doesn't do its justice. For example, in the past Ive noticed Abe lins suit was light af, but once I saw the updated color I had to buy it cause the suit was no longer a dead giveaway

photoshop: 9/10

Let me tell ya, the photoshop is crazy good. I sent in a dark trashy photo and they lightened it up, got rid of shadows and made it look like a real DMV portrait.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

OVI is there and not to shiny but just right.

uv: 9/10

The hardest part to replicate is the back UV portrait on these IDs but they did a decent job with it. You can see the face a lil bit and that may raise some red flags but the front UV is spot on.

scanning: 8/10

Scans through multiple apps.

conclusion: 8/10

A LOT of strengths in this ID only few things need to be worked on with the UV and signatures. Ill be buying from them again soon.