Review By: cuck - State: VALUE



I live instate and let me tell you, compared to the real ID its pretty damn close. Review for a u21 nCA ID. Disclaimer: I look old and have a beard but without the beard I look young ASF so thats the picture I use on the ID's so it may be easier for me than others.

Communication: 10/10

OIS was the best at communicating. When I say the best I mean it. He often responded within 5 hours. He actually helpful and casual it made it so easy.

Cost: 9/10

100% worth the cost. Maybe a tad expensive for a college kid but you truly get what you paid for.

Shipping: 10/10

It got here so fast it wasn't even funny. I wasn't going to be home the following week so I figured it wouldn't even arrive until after that but it literally came on the 2nd day. It was shipped in less than a week. INSANE

signature: 8/10

Too thick and large compared to real ID, but in the scheme of things not noticeable at all to waitress' and absolutely not noticeable out of state.


template: 9/10

Template is pretty good, a couple fonts are not quite right and some a little too thick but if you were to glance at this without the ID next to you you would have no clue. Definitely could use some color matching in certain areas but the microprint was spot on and amazing.

photoshop: 8/10

Pretty good! It possibly was the photo I used but its a tad darker than it should be but still good.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

All vibrant and in correct places. Holo maybe a little to thick but that's me nitpicking it with the real ID in my hand no one else would notice from the top of their head.

uv: 10/10

All looks correct but no UV light to test.

scanning: 8/10

All information shows up legit and correct on BCS and others.

conclusion: 9/10

HIGHLY recommended. this definitely has the capability of passing in state, no BS. Would not use at the bar or places with other u21 nCA ID's next to each other. considering how rare it will be I recommend getting this one especially if you look young or in the middle stages of looking over 21.