Review By: rc1279 - State: VALUE



I got this ID for free after messaging OIS asking to participate in his summer giveaway for reviews! He was such a nice person for sending It for free. Super reliable, quick shipping and fast communicator! Definitely will continue to order from OIS in the future.

Communication: 10/10

I messaged OIS on here via PM and then on a messaging app from my phone. He was super quick at replying, and confirmed my order almost immediently. Before I knew It, the order was shipped and got here so quickly. I like that he has an account on this messaging app so I can contact him through there quickly, as for other vendors its through a ticket or email which takes forever. Also props to OIS for actually responding on weekends.

Cost: 10/10

It was free! Lol but his ID's are definitely priced so that you get what you paid for. I placed a group order after I received this ID of other states and Cali again and they all came out so real with no issues. Definitely worth the price.

Shipping: 10/10

Got here in a little over a week from what I remember! Super quick shipping and his site is easy to navigate with a shipping tracking number. Even all my other orders with express shipping (which isn't that costly) got here in less than 2 weeks! Quick shipping and its super discreet. Kinda funny the way It was packaged actually

signature: 10/10

Straight signature, perfect thickness! The signatures on the Cali ID's are raised, and this looks very real.


template: 10/10

Amazing tiny details from my birthday engraved underneath my photo to a darkened hologram photo of myself on the ID. From what I see online, the template is identical! & I like that OIS lets you decide if you want your template to say you have corrective lenses or if you're an organ donor or not and all those little details!

photoshop: 10/10

I sent in my photo behind a dark background and he was able to edit It to make It look the correct color! Looks very real

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Vibrant holograms! I was so amazed when I first saw them.

uv: 10/10

Haven't tested but I'm very positive It will be fine!

scanning: 10/10

All info is coming up on BCS and other scanner apps! Very happy about that

conclusion: 10/10

In conclusion, to me the only thing better than a free ID is a good vendor. I love that OIS has a messaging app as I said before for super easy contact. I hate waiting for tickets to be responded to when I have just a simple question about an order. Nothing beats his communication. I appreciate him sending me this free ID! It honestly looks amazing, so real. It scans on apps and bends without creasing. Definitely going to be my go-to ID from now on.