Review By: pennyheaad - State: Missouri

Vendor: DoveForgeries


hey doing another review of dove this time MO, I have been reselling dove( for about 7monthsish(?) i resell them because of the fast turnaround times and quality ids. Really the quick shipping has helped me become the only reseller on my campus they pay me then 1 week later dove has it to me, it is very impressive and it keeps my customers happy. anyways dove has been buggin me to do reviews and now i finally have some time.

Communication: 10/10

Dove is always quick to respond to my emails, i just email every time i put in an order to give them a heads up.

Cost: 10/10

cost is competitive with other vendors, especially. considering the fast turnarounds. Dove is definitely worth it. If i bring them large orders(30+) they come down on the price a little too.

Shipping: 10/10

10/10 always gets to me within like a week of me sending the payment

signature: 9/10

Sigs are always good, even if my customers send in shitty pics the doveteam makes it look good


template: 9/10

This MO is really good, has the correct feel thickness and mattish wise. The temp is also really good. All of doves IDs are quality but this one is really up there. I have held real MO next to this and its almost impossible to tell the difference. Very impressed by this id.

photoshop: 9/10

Always good, sometimes my customers send bad photos but thats on them not dove

holograms/OVI: 9/10

sometimes i get some pretty faded holograms on some ids but the ids work 100% of the time still

uv: 9/10

UV is good on these, no complaints

scanning: 9/10

Always scans and passes all the apps and shit

conclusion: 10/10

10/10 for dove, their quality ids, shipping, and communication are great