Review By: danthegreat20 - State: New Jersey

Vendor: EvolvedIDs


First time buying a fake from Evolved and I’m in love with it. It’s flawlessly from an NJ license and matches close to perfect of a real NJ O21.

Communication: 10/10

Evolved’s team was superb in communication; they responded within 24 hours and we’re always nice and showed professionalism despite my questions.

Cost: 10/10

Ordered with three other people while using that 40% BTC discount.. It’s cheap, only paying $50 per ID

Shipping: 10/10

Got within 2-3 weeks advertised (Ordered NJ + NPA). Also gave me a tracking order and paid Express Shipping. Very well done.

signature: 10/10

Signature looks amazing and not too thick. Barely hitting my ghost picture, which is amazing


template: 9/10

Everything was fine except the one i was issued with had a small misplace of a real NJ ID. I used it in two stores and it worked flawlessly.

photoshop: 9/10

All the IDs except one NJ was a little off, but t should be fine tbh. I already used NJ in two stores, one for Juul Pods and the other for ALC. Photoshop looks good though.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

Holos look great, identical to one with a Real ID

uv: 10/10

Don’t have a UV light, but I assume it is well.

scanning: 10/10

Used BCS and it worked out well. Showed all the info. A gas station scanned it and all the info came up perfectly.

conclusion: 10/10

I highly recommend buying from Evolvedids. They’re so professional and their IDs look up to their standards. NJ is so hard to replicate yet they did a fantastic job to make it as detailed as it can be. Worked flawlessly in-state.