Review By: Matu - State: Alabama

Vendor: EvolvedIDs


I am a reseller with a year and a half worth of work. I am currently a college student and bouncer at a mid-tier club. The bar I work at pulls in the second highest revenue on campus out of 24 bars. I submitted an official review on the site with pictures so when that posts I will link it here.

Communication: 9/10

Communication has definitely improved over the past year. You are starting to get much faster and helpful responses. Response times seem to be around night and early morning if you are trying to catch their CS! It is not yet at that “instant” response level, but getting a lot better.

Cost: 10/10

There is never a better time to buy from Evolved than now! He currently has a 40% off discount that’s been running. I have used the reseller feature for over a year and a half now and you can’t beat $50 for 2 brand new IDs. Amazing price! Old states are still very cheap at $35 and amazing quality.

Shipping: 10/10

So in this order I had both teslin and PVC states. The PVC states shipping within a week and the teslin took around 2 weeks (if that). Once they ship it usually takes under 3 days for the package to arrive. I am very happy they added tracking numbers for shipments now which is a MAJOR improvement I’ve been looking for! Huge to help my reselling business.

signature: 9/10

Another spot I’ve seen huge improvement. He is able to get that thin look to the signatures now that I have been looking for. Every single signature in this batch turned out perfectly just the way my customers submitted them on paper. There is one small error that he can’t really do much about and that is the very very very slight pixelation the real ones have due to the little touch pad thingy at the DMV. But from a normal glance they look beautiful!


template: 10/10

There are no obvious errors. Compared side by side with a friends real ID. UV/Holo are great. Many minor details are included and placement is very good. The colors are very rich and match very well compared to a real ID. Very high quality print!

photoshop: 9/10

The face was a little stretched vertically. The outline of the person was nearly perfect though capturing hair naturally. Great job!

holograms/OVI: 10/10

All holos were present. Came out very clear and looks great!

uv: 10/10

Great UV! Bright and clearly visible.

scanning: 9/10

I tested the scanning at work and the Illinois came out perfectly. Scans as expected.

conclusion: 10/10

Amazing quality and you can not beat the price. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality ID!