Review By: plasticman - State: South Carolina

Vendor: IDViking


I have been doing group orders over the years and nobody has been there like Viking. No other vendor has the communication, quality and turn around time like him. Prices are amazing for the quality and has some amazing perks for the big orders. The Viking has always come through.

Communication: 10/10

Viking always has been great with communication. Always giving me updates when I ask, does everything professionally and smooth. Never have to worry about getting ghosted on my product. Viking never lets down.

Cost: 9/10

For the quality, you really cant beat it. His newer ID's are absolutely flawless and is ahead of the game. Group orders with the viking are incredible! For the price point you cant find a better ID. Even for the price of his teslin ID's you cant beat it.

Shipping: 9/10

This is what puts Viking above all other vendors, His shipping times and communication are absolutely on point. I wouldn't say his shipping is super discrete but he does do a good job of keeping them protected. Even my biggest orders have been received under 25 days.

signature: 7/10

As long as you submit your own signature it will look fire, the computer generated signature can look a little too perfect but other than that it is spot on.


template: 8/10

The details on the old SC are pretty spot on. I have compared hand to hand to a real old O21 SC and the small details held comparable. The template for this ID is very well made and the colors are pretty much spot on. Even the rounding on the edge of the ID's is on point.

photoshop: 8/10

The Photoshop on the picture is done very well, realistic ear shadows, color correction . Viking continues to update his templates correcting them to perfection. I do recommend submitting your own signature as the computer generated signature looks a little too perfect, still works with the quality though.

holograms/OVI: 8/10

Holograms are vivid. Really pop and draws the attention. Occasionally with the older ID's you do get somewhat of a sticker line on the top or bottom but with Vikings new runs its usually not an issue anymore.

uv: 10/10

The UV on the SC is brilliant, really is the selling point of the ID.

scanning: 7/10

Scans, no issues, simple as that.

conclusion: 10/10

Overall, Viking is the man. He has amazing turnaround time, great prices and overall is the best/easiest man to work with. The product he fulfills is up there with the best and you're wasting your time if you're buying from someone else.