Review By: glizzies2 - State: New Jersey



I ordered 5 IDs from FoundingFathers Fakes back in june when they were doing a $25 sale. When they came one of my IDs had tons of air bubbles under the lamination and had a huge scratch going through the left side of it. It looked extremely fake. They also messed up the height of one of the people on the order and made him 5'1" instead of 5'10". These IDs also rarely ever scan and a couple people in the order have had them taken by stores because they are obviously fake.

Communication: 5/10

Took the vendor about 4 days to confirm my payment and respond to messages.

Cost: 9/10

The price was only $25 which I thought was a great deal

Shipping: 9/10

Came within two weeks to pennsylvania.

signature: 8/10

The signature was a little too thin but not that bad.


template: 8/10

Template is good I noticed no problems with it.

photoshop: 3/10

The shadows are not edited well and looks very different from a real NJ liscense

holograms/OVI: 5/10

The holograms are much more noticeable than a real id

uv: 5/10

I don't have a UV light to check them but at a bar they used it and quickly noticed it was fake.

scanning: 8/10

They dont scam at any bars or anywhere with a good scanner. The only places I have ever had them actually scan are gas stations and a beer distributor in the middle of nowhere.

conclusion: 3/10

They were for very cheap, but they are worse than I expected and I thought that IDs would actually scan consistently scan.