Review By: hangtenben - State: Missouri

Vendor: DoveForgeries


Im a frequent reseller of dove fake ids. For everything you get with their prices, it seems too good to be true. they have really good communication and great shipping

Communication: 10/10

Didnt have too many questions since im frequent reseller of theirs. But their updates are a nice way to keep resellers like myself on top of all current orders

Cost: 10/10

Best reseller rates for the quality and service thats attached with it

Shipping: 10/10

Received my order of 23 in 9 days after i paid. I chose express shipping which is only $40 on top of the order

signature: 10/10

the signatures look great. all depends on what my customers give me sometimes the are not so good but thats on my customers


template: 10/10

Probably the best MO on the forum. Ive tried a couple other other vendors for MO but dove fake ids has the better template and it just feels more like a real MO

photoshop: 10/10

All of my group's ID pictures came out very good. Took good pictures and got good results.

holograms/OVI: 10/10

The OVI matches the likeness of the real MO and shows up great under UV light

uv: 10/10

shows up great under UV light, works perfect at all bars

scanning: 10/10

Scans on all my apps, at the gas stations, bars, clubs, dispensaries. my customers have not had issues with them

conclusion: 10/10

dove fake ids has the best mo id on the forum hands down. Combine that with their service, quality, speed, and prices, they really is one of the best vendors to resell. Ive made a nice chunk reselling them the past 3 months, go give them a try!