Review By: whitnb09 - State: Alabama

Vendor: BudgetFakes


My first fake ID that I’ve bought and a pretty good experience overall

Communication: 8/10

Responded to my first email pretty quick. I sent another one asking how long it would be till it shipped and never got s reply. nbd though

Cost: 9/10

I paid $140 for 1 ID (it comes with a duplicate) and rush shipping

Shipping: 7/10

It took 2 and a half weeks to get here. Like I said on my intro, this is my first fake ID I’ve bought so i’m not sure how long other vendors take, but I thought i’d get it just a little bit sooner than I did just because I did pay $40 extra for shipping but maybe i’m being unreasonable

signature: 8/10

it’s a little small and lower than all the pics I saw of the real ID


template: 9/10

I wish I had a real ID in hand so I could have a better comparison but it looks pretty spot on compared to all the photos i’ve seen. The ID seems a little thin but i’m not sure if that’s regular for Missouri ID’s

photoshop: 10/10

I think they did a pretty damn good job

holograms/OVI: 10/10

They all look good and you can see them in pretty much any lighting

uv: 10/10

I don’t have anything to check it with but i’m sure it’s good

scanning: 8/10

All the info came up correct on every app i’ve used

conclusion: 10/10

I haven’t tried it yet because i just got it today but i’m planning on doing an updated review. overall I think it’s a pretty good looking ID and have heard great things about BudgetFakes’ MO