Review By: bigdaddydonk - State: Tennessee



I got this ID from and I have to say it's great!

Communication: 10/10

Didn't have to communicate, but he is usually active on emails, so if I had a question, he would've probably responded pretty quick.

Cost: 9/10

Great price for product quality. I used a coupon too ;)

Shipping: 10/10

Received in 1 week! really!

signature: 9/10

perfect just as i ordered it it is very good


template: 9/10

Seems to match the barbook id pretty well. There's no outstanding errors in it

photoshop: 8/10

Only comparing with barbook, but it looks pretty good. Ear shadows are pretty accurate and positioning of the picture is right.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

Holos look great! go check pics

uv: 9/10

no uv light, sorry :( will buy one

scanning: 9/10

All info shows up correctly on PDF scanners and other scanners alike.

conclusion: 10/10

Great ID... ISP. Came quick, looks perfect, I’m happy with it.