Review By: girliefordovey - State: Arizona

Vendor: DoveForgeries


Ordered through dove because they have the best shipping

Communication: 10/10

always answered, they were very polite throughout the whole ordering process

Cost: 10/10

pretty good cost for the quality of the ids, would def buy again

Shipping: 10/10

got here in 2 weeks exactly, very nice. we were scared they would not get here before Halloween but they did!

signature: 8/10

a couple of them look a litte janky, but overall look good


template: 10/10

this AZ looks so real it is truly incredible, compared to the u21 we have colors are the same

photoshop: 10/10

all the photos look really good, on eof them look kinda strange but because my friend took a really shitty photo

holograms/OVI: 10/10

everything looks really good, we are very happy

uv: 8/10

not sure about this, dont have anything do to with this

scanning: 8/10

passes all the apps we tried and scans as real!

conclusion: 10/10

will always take my business to dove! they are truly the best vendor i have dealt with