Review By: makeur - State: Delaware



I made an order with 3 friends. I did everything for my friends and sadly, I was the one who got the worst ID of the three. The rest were completely perfect and flawless, but my 2 ID's are pretty flawed.

Communication: 8/10

They respond in the span of 24 hrs.

Cost: 8/10

group of 3 people 80 dollars each including rush shipping, it's ok.

Shipping: 9/10

Placed order on Sunday of last week. Shipped Sunday, and arrived Monday. Pretty much a whole week.

signature: 8/10

Good, looks tiny bit thick, probably my fault.


template: 2/10

On one of my ID's the plastic lamination popped up and peeled off pretty much the second I opened the package to see my ID. It was not done right. On my second ID I know it might be a little nitpicking but there are a couple of dot spots that are under the lamination, so it's impossible to get rid of. Only reason why I'm complaining about the spots is because my 2 other friends in our same order have completely flawless ID's with no random spots under the lamination.

photoshop: 8/10

Some black edges around my jawline due to Photoshop, minimal but with examining it carefully you'll notice.

holograms/OVI: 9/10

Don't have a real Delaware ID so not sure to give it a 10, but judging from my friends ID's they look clean and well.

uv: 10/10

Worked as intended, not complaint

scanning: 8/10

All of the info comes up correctly.

conclusion: 5/10

I think I just got unlucky with these. My friends ID's look spot on and 10/10, OIS fakes look good. I'm giving it a 5 because I question myself how can you send out 2 heavily flawed ID's like that. It would probably take the creators 10 seconds to realize that the work was not done well. Hope this review calls their attention because I paid 80 bucks for these, and I'm not satisfied.